Researchers seeking farmers!

A team of researchers, led by Dr Kate Fennell (nee Gunn), from the University of South Australia in collaboration with the NAB Foundation, University of Adelaide, National Centre for Farmer Health and the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health, are developing a world first online intervention to help Australian farmer’s to better cope with things beyond their control.

The website aims to help farmers to learn new coping strategies that will help prevent them from developing mental health issues, with Australian farmers’ input into the design and evaluation of the website at the very core of the project.

The research team now need to engage 20 farmers from all over Australia to work with them to ensure the website is appealing and houses appropriate videos, interactive exercises, written information, humour and tailored messages. Early in 2017, the research team will then be looking for approximately 60 more farmers, to volunteer to test out the website.

If you have any further questions about this important project, please contact Alison Barrett or Nathan Harrison on; phone: 08 8302 1840 or email:




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