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We want to reach farmers in every pocket of SA this year  by running online fitness classes one day a month. Run by a professional personal trainer, these FREE classes will suit all fitness levels and be a fun and inclusive experience.

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Meet Gabi – your own virtual instructor

Hi I’m Gabi (left) and have been a Personal Trainer since December 2013. My passion for moving has been with me for as long as I can remember, enjoying any extra curricular activities that would get me out of the classroom at school! 

I joined the Fat Farmers movement in January 2019, along with our Kimba Team Leader Jane Mason. Fat Farmers is everything I pride myself and my business on; moving, moving with friends, improving health holistically and having a good laugh while you do it! 

Since starting up our Fat Farmers group in Kimba I have had the opportunity to really get to know some of the men from around the district, what drives them to move, what stops them from moving and how different their lifestyles are as farmers – compared to the regular 9-5 bloke. 

Mixing my empathy for these hard working blokes with my knowledge and education as a coach, I have been able to come up with a workout style to suit everyone’s needs! Whether it’s bashing out a bit of frustration, or going through a mobility flow to help stiff, sore muscles. Fat Farmers is a fantastic rural health initiative and I am proud to be involved!

Due to COVID-19 I had the opportunity to take my business online and have successfully been running live workouts since March 2020. I love the online workouts and my Kimba folk love them too with many of the participants being Farmers Wives who would normally miss out they can now all join in from the comfort of their loungeroom and get some movement in their day. I’m really excited to be sharing my passion with you all on this fantastic platform! Moving into the future with technology can be fun and exciting! I can’t wait to see you all online in 2021!


Interested? Register here

Registration and a pre-exercise screening questionnaire are required by all participants.

For any pre-existing conditions Gabi will contact you directly to discuss further.

Fast facts – what, when, where, how

How do I attend?

To attend please complete the registration / pre-exercise screening tool. Your information will be kept private and used only for communications in regards to online fitness classes and Fat Farmers.

When will the classes be run?

The online fitness classes will be run once a month, commencing Monday 22 February and will reoccur on the 4th Monday of every month until the end of November 2021. Classes will commence at 6.30pm (SA time).

How long will each class go for?

Each class will go for an hour from 6.30-7.30pm (SA time).

What level of fitness is required?

Classes will be suitable for participants of all fitness levels. Adjustments to certain exercises can be made on the night to accommodate. Just be sure to let Gabi know in advance!

What will each class entail?

Each class will comprise of a full body workout with a mixture of cardio and body weight strength based exercises.

What equipment do I need?

The only equipment needed is a mat and a foam roller.

Can I bring a mate?

Of course! More the merrier but please ensure they register and complete the pre-exercise screening tool.

What if I can't make a session? Is there anywhere I can watch it later?

Sure is! All sessions will be recorded and made available for viewing on the Fat Farmers You Tube page which is linked below.

What can I do in-between classes?

See below a link to view the workout recordings and workout sheets to keep you active in between live sessions.

Is there a cost?

These classes are run free, with the support of CMI Toyota.

Missed a session? Visit the Fat Farmers You Tube page to view past sessions

Missed a session? View the workout sheets here

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