Jane Mason

For Jane Mason, 21, one of the greatest benefits of Fat Farmers has been witnessing her father’s fitness transformation.

Jane, who grew up on her parents’ farm in Maitland on the Yorke Peninsula, completed City-Bay alongside her father last month.

“I got involved in Fat Farmers through my Dad and it’s been great because before that I wasn’t really involved in fitness,” Jane said.

“Seeing my Dad get excited about fitness and seeing how much his fitness level has improved has been really inspiring.”

Jane, who is a member of the Mid Yorke Peninsula team, said weekly gym classes also had social benefits.

“The instructor, Brenton, is so high energy and the classes have been awesome for all ages,” Jane said. “It also helps being part of a group. We have a lot of fun.”

Another benefit was the opportunity to connect with people from different communities, such as at City-Bay when all teams came together.

“It’s not just our little group; we’ve got to know people from the EP, down the bottom (of the state) and you meet a variety of people – that network is invaluable,” Jane said.

“It’s great to see people getting together and having the chance to step away from work and farming to connect with others.

“It doesn’t need to be some huge scary step, you just do what you can.”