Jacqui Foster

Jacqui Foster was a new mother when she joined Fat Farmers for support in reaching her goals.

She decided the group would offer a starting point for getting fit, and offered the flexibility she needed to plan exercise around caring for her son.

Jacqui said she liked that the group was inclusive of families and people of all ages and fitness levels.

“When I first started running with my pram, I was pretty hopeless,” Jacqui said.

“People used to stop me and be like, ‘Do you need a ride?’

“But I have come a long way since. I would definitely recommend it to give it a go.

“You don’t have to set huge goals but you’ve just got to start somewhere.”

 In September Jacqui, a member of the Mallee branch of Fat Farmers, was acknowledged as 2018’s Quiet Achiever in meeting her goals.

She participated in the City-Bay fun run alongside her husband and young son.