Fat Farmers Newsletter – March 2019

Welcome to the latest Fat Farmers’ newsletter – can you believe it is March already!?

If you’re starting to think about improving your fitness for upcoming events such as the Miners Marathon or Clare Fun Run we’ve got you sorted with some tips below.

Are you keen to step it up? Fat Farmers has been busy in recent months working towards growing our hubs and we are on the lookout for team coordinators!

Read on for more information.

Best wishes
Sally Fisher
Fat Farmers Executive Officer

Preparation and training: how to make sure you are in top form for your event

Below are some approaches to begin practising in the lead up to your event:

Do:  Eat nutrient-dense high carbohydrate foods 

Carbs are your friends! Stock up on wholegrain breads, cereals, whole fruit, legumes – all that good stuff you grow without too much modification after it leaves the paddock.

These foods will nourish your body with vitamins, minerals and fibre and also ensure that your body has sufficient glycogen stores for exercise.

Don’t:  Overuse sugary drinks or snacks 

We do not need sports drinks/supplements unless we are exercising at high intensity for over 90 minutes – that rules out most of us!
Further to this, lollies at half time in netball/football are a poor snack as they are hard to chew/digest quickly, rot teeth (especially under mouth guards) and we don’t usually exercise for long enough to require the simple sugars.
If you really want a boost stick to water and cut-up oranges for fluid and a small sugar (and vitamin) boost!

Do:  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

Dehydration is linked to fatigue and poor decision-making. Avoid drinks containing caffeine – coffee, Coke, Red Bull and alcohol are among the culprits – ahead of your event as they are a diuretic and cause fluid loss.  Water is adequate to drink if exercising for under 90 mins. Your urine colour is a good guide to level of dehydration, the lighter the better (but remember diuretics will dilute your urine and make it lighter in colour too!)

Do:  Keep it light

Do eat a lighter meal on the morning of your event so you can digest it easily as nerves and exercise will slow down digestion and make many people uncomfortable. Try a lower fibre breakfast such as yogurt, toast, fruit, or a lower fibre cereal. If you have several hours before an event, eat something more substantial with more fibre and protein such as a higher fibre cereal, wholegrain toast, a smoothie etc.

More information on hydration and food for distance running can be found HERE and HERE.

Get your hands on some new gear today!

Want to sport our brand and be recognised at events?

Orders are now open via Nelson Teamwear with a range of merchandise on diplays, from tees to hats.

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Fat Farmers on the lookout for leaders

Are you interested in inspiring community members to be active and organising regular training activities for your group?

Fat Farmers is seeking team coordinators to lead our regional hubs and help promote our initiative’s goals!

Fat Farmers can offer you support such as an allowance for your team to go towards costs such as equipment or a fitness instructor.

You also have the opportunity to connect with teams across the state who share the common goal of staying fit and having fun.

Contact Sally for more information: 0410 473 167 or info@fatfarmers.com.

More information <<HERE>>

Upcoming events

In addition to our regular training sessions, how about joining us in the following upcoming regional events?

Event: Clare Fun Run
When: April 28, 7am-10am
Where: The Valleys Lifestyle Centre, Clare
Register: <<HERE>>

Event: Miners Marathon
When: April 27-28
Where: Kadina to Wallaroo
Register: <<HERE>>

Thanks to our new sponsors …

Fat Farmers is excited to announce its newest sponsors, AGT and Balco Australia.

Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) is Australia’s largest plant breeding company, and the market leader in wheat genetics. AGT employs a national breeding approach with four regional breeding nodes located throughout the Australian wheat belt. 

Balco Australia has been the driving force in leading the Australian Hay industry through break-through product innovation,  continual process improvement and new export market exploration.Originating in Balaklava, Balco Australia is committed to supporting the local community.

Welcome on board! 

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