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Fat Farmers Newsletter – March 2020

Welcome to autumn and best of luck for all those sticking with new fitness goals this year. If you need a little more motivation, come along to a Fat Farmers session – we welcome everyone, no matter their age or fitness level.

Fat Farmers Newsletter – December 2019

Welcome to our last newsletter of the year. In this issue, discover our new online health and well-being resources, enter our Hardi junior balance bike competition (NOTE: it ends today so get in quick!), meet our quiet achiever and a new team leader; and have a look at some more of our sponsors profiles. It’s been a busy month!

Fat Farmers Newsletter – October 2019

Are you ready to put some ‘spring’ in your step?! Now’s the time, especially before it heats up! There are a range of great regional Fat Farmers initiatives that you can be a part of – we welcome every age, stage and fitness level.

We’ve been busy here at Fat Farmers, so we have lots of news to catch you up on. We’ve had the City to Bay (a big well done to all involved!), attended a range of events, welcomed some new sponsors and are proud to say we won the community category in the Regional Showcase! For your interest, we have also included some health tips and updates on our new team leaders.

Fat Farmers Newsletter – July 2019

Welcome to the latest Fat Farmers’ newsletter. We hope you have had a successful seeding period and that you have been lucky with the rain.

With winter now upon us it is tempting to stay indoors, keep warm and tuck into some comfort food … While enjoyable, it is important to also include some fitness to avoid gaining those extra kg’s, which always seem to go on way easier than they come off! A spot of fitness also helps chase away the winter blues. This newsletter includes a few tips, a couple of tricks and even some events you might like to be part of to help keep that motivation up

Jacqui Foster

Jacqui Foster was a new mother when she joined Fat Farmers for support in reaching her goals. She decided the group would offer a starting point for getting fit, and offered...

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