Fat Farmers groups are very grateful to the businesses who have supported our fundraising initiatives. Funds raised during these initiatives are put towards assisting the delivery of Menswatch programs in rural areas, not Fat Farmers. Menswatch programs are male-only peer education programs aimed to reduce the incidence of male suicide in rural areas.

In 2015, Fat Farmers who participated in the City-Bay raised over $5 000 towards Menswatch programs which were delivered in the Pinery Bushfire regions. These businesses were :  Ramsey Bros  in conjunction with CASE IH , Bartleville Props , Akaringa Farming , Jane Greenslades, Anna Binna Farms, AgriKnowHow, Rural Directions, Dylan Shultz, David Willson.

In 2016 at the Eyre Peninsula Field Days, farmers rode an exercise bike and were supported by the following businesses to raise $1750 ($5/km!) :  Ramsey Brothers, Bawden’s Rural Supplies, Elders Insurance Port Lincoln, ANZ Bank, Bank SA, Pringles Crouch and Bascombe Auto Ag.  We collaborated with the local Farming Systems Group , the Lower Eyre Agricultural Development Association to deliver two Menswatch programs in February 2018 in Cummins and Wudinna.

Jamie Phillis riding the exercise bike and Shannon Ponton from “the Biggest Loser” show at the 2016 Eyre Peninsula Field Days.





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