Team Coordinators

Ben Wundersitz


Ben Wundersitz is one of the founders of Fat Farmers and is a fifth generation Grains farmer from Yorke Peninsula. His fitness goals are to stay fit enough to do active things with his family and maintain his resilience to manage his cropping enterprise. Ben sees Fat Farmers groups are a way of encouraging the farming community to present a positive image and being involved provides a way of giving something back to the community. Ben describes the impact of improving health, wellbeing and safety has had upon his own health and his business in this brief film.





Mid Yorke Peninsula (Cheryl Hean)

Cheryl Hean

Southern Yorke Peninsula (Cheryl Carmichael)

Lower North (Ben Marshman)

Ben Marshman

Mallee (Adam & Tanja Morgan )

Tanja and Adam Morgan

Barossa & Light (Will Holmes)

Eyre Peninsula (eastern) (Jamie Phillis)

Jamie Phillis

Southern Eyre Peninsula (Brett Siegert)

Brett Siegert

Executive Officer (Sally Fisher)

Sally Fisher

Saddleworth (Greg Schmaal)

Greg Schmaal

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cheryl hean
Mid Yorke Peninsula

Cheryl Hean

Cheryl and her husband Greg manage a mixed cropping enterprise on the Yorke Peninsula. They are involved with Fat Farmers as its a great social activity and encourages healthy living amongst farm families. Cheryl has moved on from playing hockey now but likes to maintain her fitness by cycling and at the gym and her fitness goal is to stay fit to do things with her family and to ensure a sustainable farm business.

Contact Cheryl on 0429 367 287.

Southern Yorke Peninsula

Cheryl Carmichael

Cheryl (retired nurse) and her husband Greg run a contract haybaling business at Minlaton on the Yorke Peninsula.  After a stroke in 2015 and attending the Sustainable Farm Families program delivered with the YP Alkaine Soils Group, Cheryl decided that fitness needed to take a bigger focus in her life. After her "wake up call" she now walks 7-10kms/day on a regular basis with a group of friends.

Contact Cheryl Carmichael 0428 527 004

Lower North (SA)

Ben Marshman

Ben is a grain grower from Stockyard Creek, a region which was badly impacted by the Pinery fire in 2015. Despite this, Ben and many of the farmers nearby have stayed active and been involved in Fat Farmers events since 2016. Ben believes the fitter farmers are, the better farmers can perform at their work. He is involved with Fat Farmers as its a good way to get the community together and also raise money towards programs which support men's mental health such as the Menswatch program. Ben's fitness goal is to participate in triathlons over the summer months once harvest is finished.

Contact Ben on 0417896801

Tanja and Adam MorganMallee (SA)

Adam and Tanja Morgan

Adam and Tanja farm at Jabuk in the Southern Mallee. They have 3 daughters and love to be active on weekends with the girls. They are far from elite sports people, but are keen to get people out and about and moving, recognising that the social side of getting together is just as important as being active for good health. They would love to hear from more Mallee farmers and farming families who'd like to join the team.

Contact Adam: 0407 395 918 or Tanja : 0429 395 918

Will HolmesBarossa and Light

Will Holmes

Will is a wine grape grower and contractor based in the Barossa Valley, who along with his wife Lisa and three children, likes to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. After finishing up playing Football, and with the arrival of children and greater work commitments, he could see the weight gain starting to happen. Will became involved with the Fat Farmers to help address this and now firmly believes that this has also helped his day to day decision making.

Contact 0408835700 or



Jamie Phillis_resizeEastern Eyre Peninsula

Jamie Phillis

Jamie Phillis is a Grains producer and hails from Ungarra on eastern Eyre Peninsula. Jamie was the winner of the inaugural 2016 DMS Obstacle course organised and run by local farmers in the hills of Tumby Bay. He's involved with Fat Farmers as its a great fun social network and he sees that its important for the agricultural industry to keep a focus on general health and wellbeing, and in particular to raise awareness of the link between health/wellbeing and farm productivity. Jamie likes to stay fit to maintain general wellness, allowing him to better manage his farm, and do the fun things in life, and with his family. At 6' 3" and 83kgs he has a hard time convincing others he is a "Fat Farmer", but after all size isnt everything!

Contact Jamie on 0427 476 362

Southern Eyre Peninsula

Brett Siegert

Brett coordinates the Edillilie (Southern EP) Fat Farmers team. This team of 10-12 farmers formed in 2018 have been focussing on riding bikes and gym sessions. Brett is a livestock and grains farmer. He started riding a bike regularly 7 years ago and now finds that keeping fit helps him unwind and manage stress better. Brett is doing the 35 km Bloody Long Walk again this year which raises money for research into mitochondrial disease supporting a local young boy with the disease.

Contact Brett on 0428 764 208 or email



Sally_GOWalkExecutive Officer

Sally Fisher

Sally was raised on a hilly grazing property in Western Victoria (Casterton).  Sally's fitness goals are to stay fit enough to play a game of Seniors hockey with her daughter one day. On weekends she is either grappling with her garden or playing/recovering from hockey. Sally is a qualified Dietitian (APD) and is involved with Fat Farmers because she believes it's important that farming businesses take care of people, as well as production.

Contact Sally on 0410 473 167.


Greg Schmaal

Greg and his family are grains and livestock farmers from Saddleworth. Greg remains very hands-on in the business with his son Jared. Greg is in his early 60s and remains very physically active and still plays competitive tennis. His goal is to stay active for as long as possible and continue doing his sport and the physical work on the farm. He is interested in being involved with Fat Farmers as he sees it as a way of supporting men’s physical and mental health and helping them through tough/difficult times such as bad seasons or relationship problems. Greg is keen to tap into existing local groups, facilities and activities to keep the group motivated to be active.

Contact Greg on 0427 485 217.