Our vision : By 2022, to inspire and encourage rural communities to improve their health and wellbeing through physical activity. 

The Fat Farmers – Rural Health Initiative was started in 2010 by a small group of farmers from Maitland, Yorke Peninsula, SA who recognised that they needed to get more active as farm work alone was not providing them with enough exercise to stay healthy. The group started training at the local gym and participating in the annual City-Bay Fun Run from Adelaide to Glenelg. In 2015, the initiative spread beyond Yorke Peninsula and connected with other farmers across South Australia.  Fat Farmer teams are now located throughout South Australia and include farmers and rural people from diverse production areas and cater for a variety of fitness levels and ages.

Everyone working in or with rural Australia is welcome to join us as we know that we are not the only ones finding it hard to keep fit ! Whilst some may make assumptions based upon our name, we are inclusive of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes and there is no stereotyping or stigmatising of participants.

What we do :
We participate in local fun runs/walks, bike rides and train in local communities and gyms together. Our activities are family-friendly and have a focus on having fun. The video below features Ben Wundersitz and many of the original Fat Farmers and was filmed in the Maitland gym.

The Fat Farmers Rural Health Initiative was supported by the Healthy Farmers Adviser at Primary Producers SA between 2015-16. Healthy Workers-Healthy Futures was funded by SA Health and this program contributed the funds towards developing this website and initiative. Since 2017, we have operated under the auspices of the not-for-profit charity the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies.




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